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Azur Flatback Pedals

Azur Flatback Pedals

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Introducing the Flatback Pedal, personally designed by Australian MTB/BMX Pro Craig Fisher. With over 40 years of racing and 35 years of industry experience, these pedals are built to increase rider control and comfort on even the roughest terrain. Get maximum shoe to pedal contact and take your riding to the next level!

"The FlatBack pedal has a forward concavity and as by the name suggests it has a flat back that assists in keeping the Heel Down and forces the shoe into the pedal instead of across it, the tougher the trail the more grip is provided. The FlatBacks full body design also allows the shoe to have full purchase and support which provides additional rider stability and control." - Craig Fischer

The Inside Line:
A unique design and a great price point make these a must when considering your enxt pedals. What do we love more than a great product? one with ties to Australia!


  • CNC machined aluminium body.
  • Chromoly Axles
  • 1x Cartridge bearing, 1x IGUS Bushing
  • Under 320gr per pair
  • Flat back design assists in keeping “heel down” and bodyweight behind the pedal improving bike stability and rider control.
  • Kicked front forces the shoe into the pedal “toes up” increasing pedal grip and support through rough terrain and square edge hits.
  • Light weight cut out design retains strength and sheds the thickest of mud.
  • 11 Strategically placed 5mm pins provide phenomenal levels of grip regardless of terrain and conditions.
  • Unique file surface deters trail build up for consistent sole to pedal contact.


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