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Azur Velocity Shock Pump - 300psi

Azur Velocity Shock Pump - 300psi

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Bump up your ride with the Azur Velocity Shock Pump! This value-packed shock pump features a tough alloy barrel that goes up to a whopping 300psi. Add 2-3psi per pump, and control the final pressure with Its precise adjust button. A CNC metal Schrader valve head and swivel hose make pumping a breeze, while the non-scratch rubber system on the pump ensures a robust finish. Don't let your suspension go soft on you, Pump up the fun!

The Inside Line:
A great price point for one of those must have items in every riders tool kit!


  • Max 300 psi. For forks and rear shocks
  • Precise-adjust button. 2-3psi air pressure control per push
  • Non-scratch sealed rubber system on pump head
  • Rotary foldable hose design for minimum total length
  • CNC metal Schrader connecting valve head for recessed valves
  • Swivel hose for easier pumping
  • Alloy barrel.

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