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Birzman - The Pump with Halo

Birzman - The Pump with Halo

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Birzman - The Pump with Halo, is a floor pump Featuring the sturdy and adaptable Halo head, large gauge for visibility, and a tapered padded handle. 

Halo is a lever-operated type head, with a 'reversed structure' where the lever is pressed downwards to engage with Presta and Dunlop on one, and Schrader on the other slot.

The Inside Line:
This is a pump for those who like a premium quality finish. The halo head is a favourite of ours with its sturdy and robust functionality.


  • Halo lever-operated head
  • Tapered and padded handle
  • 3.8" Gauge
  • Steel base
  • CNC machined aluminium body


  • Presta valve suitable
  • Schrader Valve suitable
  • Dunlop valve suitable


  • Handle - High polymer/ TPR (tapered & padded)
  • Barrel - CNC machined aluminium
  • Base - Steel / High polymer

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