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Burgtec Fork Axle - Ohlins Boost

Burgtec Fork Axle - Ohlins Boost

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Say goodbye to rides missed because of pesky axle issues! The Burgtec Fork Axle - Ohlins Boost is here to help – with its double hex design that includes a 6mm and 8mm Allen key fitting, you'll have no problems removing and correctly tightening your wheels. And these aren't just any axle – they’re constructed to Fox’s exact specs and made from 7075 Aluminium, so you know you can rely on their super tough power! It's the small details that make all the difference.

Available in 9 Options: Black, Race Red, Deep Blue, Purple Rain, Iron Bro Orange, Electric Yellow, Kash Bronze, Silver, Toxic Barbie.

The Inside Line:
Because the small details sometimes say the most, finishing Touches Matter!


  • Burgtec axle with 8mm & 6mm Allen Key fitting
  • Titanium pinch bolt
  • Material: 7075 Aluminium
  • Constructed to Ohlin's exact specifications
  • 15 x 110 Boost spacing


    • RXF36 M.2
    • RXF 36 Evo
    • RXF38 M.2
    • Not compatible with RXF34


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