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CLIF BLOKS Energy Chews - Mountain Berry

CLIF BLOKS Energy Chews - Mountain Berry

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The CLIF BLOKS Energy Chews - Mountain Berry are a blend of tangy dark berry flavours that are simple to handle, and easy to chew.

The Inside Line:
Whether you're hitting trails with your crew, or using it form part of your marathon race nutrition plan. BLOKS are a great alternative to gels in a fun chewy lolly.

Packed with:

  • Food supplement with carbohydrates, green tea extract (caffeine) and potassium
  • Made with 95% organic ingredients
  • Easy-to-chew
  • Simple-to-handle

Nutritional Information:

  • 100 Calories (per serve)
  • 50mg Sodium (per serve)
  • 2 Servings per packet
  • See images for additional nutritional information
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