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CLIF SHOT Energy Gel - Double Espresso

CLIF SHOT Energy Gel - Double Espresso

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The CLIF SHOT Energy Gel - Double Espresso provides you with that a hit of 102mg of caffeine when you needed it most. If you’ve ever dreamed of dropping by a café mid-race, this double shot of caffeine’s for you.  

The Inside Line:
Designed for endurance athletes, these gels can form part of your race nutrition plan, topping up your calories, carbohydrates, and sodium to keep you going. 

Packed with:

  • Food supplement with carbohydrates and potassium
  • No caffeine added. Contains naturally occurring caffeine from cocoa mass (4.7 mg/packet)
  • Made with 90% organic ingredients
  • Litter Leash™ packaging

Nutritional Information:

  • 100 Calories 
  • 24g Carbohydrate
  • 59mg Sodium
  • 102mg Caffeine
  • See images for additional nutritional information
  • Not recommended for children or pregnant women.
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