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KMC E12 126L E-Bike Chain - 12 Speed (Silver)

KMC E12 126L E-Bike Chain - 12 Speed (Silver)

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Designed specifically to endure the extra forces and loads that come from E-bikes. Experience smooth and reliable performance with the KMC e12 126L Chain. Its 1/2” x 11/128” EPT Anti-Rust construction and over 1,000kgf tensile strength guarantees maximum power transfer and durability - no matter the terrain. Take your e-bike game to the next level!

The Inside Line:
The KMC E-Bike 12 speed chains takes the confusion out with a high performance and durable solution thats compatible regardless of your drivetrain or motor brand. 


  • Silver finish finish on outer plates, inner plates, & pins
  • Highest Torsion Resistance
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Dynamic Chamfer Angles Design
  • Triple X Durability
  • Shield Tech Riveting
  • Double X Inner Bridge Shape
  • NON-Directional
  • Compatibility: BOSCH and other e-Bike systems
  • Available in a wide range of colours and finishes


  • Size: 1/2"x 11/128"
  • Compatibility: Shimano, SRAM and all other 1x12 drivetrains


  • 126L chain
  • Connecting Link
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