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EdgeTech Fork Protection Kit - Gloss Finish

EdgeTech Fork Protection Kit - Gloss Finish

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Edgetech’s Universal Fork Lowers Protection Kit allows you to easily install protection for your fork lowers at home, keeping away nasty scrapes and scratches you may endure on the trails. The 200 micron film protects from scratches, stone chips and other debris you may encounter on the trails. Being highly resistant against yellowing and stains from oils and dirt along with having a self healing top coat (allowing minor marks and scratches to disappear in the heat of the sun), makes it a great way to keep your forks looking fresh.

Available in Gloss & Matte finish

**See video's in images for installation instructions & how to use**

The Inside Line:
A great solution to protect the lower legs of your forks. they're in the firing line of the sticks, rocks, and crashes not to mention the day to day storage and transport.


  • Fork protection film (Gloss finish)
  • Application Tool
  • Preparation Wipe
  • Instructions


  • Universal FIT for MTB Suspension fork lowers. 


  • See product images for installation video


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