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Ezmtb Universal Bleed Kit - Pro

Ezmtb Universal Bleed Kit - Pro

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With the EZmtb Universal Bleed Kit, you'll be ready for any brake system. The Pro model comes with metal adapter heads and a cutting-edge SRAM tool. The syringes feature volume indicators, a comfortable grip, and exceptional clarity. Be a pro and get this kit!

The Inside Line:
A feature packed kit at a fantastic price point.


  • A kit that does both mineral oil and DOT fluid
  • solid and durable syringes
  • hose crimps to hold pressure mid bleed
  • clear storage case
  • Adapter fittings for:
    • HOPE
    • HAYES
    • MAGURA
    • TEKTRO
    • TRP



  • Storage box - Syringes x3
  • Double-Lock connectors x3
  • Bleeding edge tool
  • Bleeding tubes x8
  • T-Handle wrench with bit set and storage box
  • Assortment of adaptors and storage box(M4, M5 Short, M5 Long, M5 Male Main, M6 Short, M6 Long, M6 SRAM, M6 Magura, M7)
  • Plastic Funnel with brass connector and plunger
  • Bleed bottle with hook and long bleed hose
  • Assortment of bleed blocks (Road, 2-Piston, 4-Piston)
  • 7mm Combination spanner
  • Pair of latex gloves


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