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Formula Compression Tuning system - CTS

Formula Compression Tuning system - CTS

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With CTS technology we’ve brought the evolution of mountain bike suspension to a new level of precision and reliability. Each time we work on the development of a new technology we follow two guidelines: 1) having maximum customisation; 2) ease of use. With the Compression Tuning System we’ve achieved the perfect combination of both these requirements.

Normally, when you buy a new fork and you want a custom tuning to suit your riding style, you have to look to a third party for help. This often involves increased costs as well as a voiding of the guarantee in most cases. With the CTS we’ve managed to revolutionise how the customisation of mountain bike forks is approached.

Thanks to a range of seven valves for customising your fork, you too will be able to find the optimal setting for your riding requirements. An obvious advantage of this system is that using different valves is like having more than one forks, each one appropriate for different situations.

The Inside Line:
If you are looking to take full advantage of your formula suspension, and gain the edge over the competition this is that product that will help you do that.

Riding cross country one weekend, and enduro the next on the same bike? We find this great to change the feel of your bike for different disciplines 


  • 7 CTS Valves to change the characteristics of your fork
  • CTS Valve tool


  • Formula Forks

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