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Formula Cura MixMaster - Shimano

Formula Cura MixMaster - Shimano

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The MixMaster handlebar clamp is an option for all Formula brakes. This simple upgrade allows for the direct attachment of Shimano and SRAM shifters on your Formula brake, giving the bike a clean look. Perfect to help de-clutter handlebars busy with the many clamps today’s bikes employ.


The Inside Line:
We love this option as it gives that clean cockpit by moving all accessories to the one mount on your bars. 


  • Mount your shimano shifter to mount to Cura Brakes and reduce the number of clamps on your bars.


  • Shimano I-SPEC EV (right side)
  • Shimano I-SPEC B (right side)
  • Shimano I-SPEC EV (left side)


  • Fully forged & Anodized 
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