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Formula Disc Brake Bleed Kit

Formula Disc Brake Bleed Kit

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A high quality brake bleeding kit as you would expect from Formula. Everything required for bleeding their range of brakes that operate on Mineral oil is included in a neat plastic tool kit. 

The Inside Line:
Good quality brake bleed kit for anyone using formula brakes (mineral oil)


  • Supplied in a plastic tool kit
  • 2x Formula syringes for mineral oil
  • 2x connecting hoses
  • 2x hose clamps
  • 4x fittings for the caliper / brake handle
  • 4x union nuts for tube attachment
  • 1x bleed block
  • 1x brake pad separator

**Mineral Oil Not included in the kit**


  • Compatible with all newer models of Formula brakes that use mineral oil: Cura, Cura X, Cura 4, Cura e, etc.


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