Formula Inline SpeedLock - DOT & Mineral Oil

Formula Inline SpeedLock - DOT & Mineral Oil

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Formula Inline SpeedLock hose kit Allows the disconnection and connection of the hose multiple times without losing fluid or introducing air into the brake.

By placing an air tight hydraulic fitting inline with the brake hose issues relating to internally routed frames, integrated stems and bars, bikes which are regularly disassembled for travel, etc. can be a thing of the past!

NOTE: This product is suitable for use on most hydraulic brake system both road and mountain bike by using hose termination kits specific to your model of brakes.  

The Inside Line:
A solution that everyone should know about!! if you service your bike and the brake cable restricts moving the rear triangle, this is your fix!!


  • Options for both mineral oil and dot fluid
  • ability to split your brake system without the need to rebleed
  • suitable for a wide variety of brake brands


  • 175cm Total Hose length 
  • 125cm from SpeedLock to bare hose end
  • 50cm   from SpeedLock to bare hose end

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