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Formula Lever Upgrade Kit - (TRFA & FCS)

Formula Lever Upgrade Kit - (TRFA & FCS)

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Upgrade your ride with the Formula Lever Upgrade Kit - (TRFA & FCS). This two-piece lever, complete with FCS and TFRA, lets you tweak the reach, feel and braking power of your Enduro and Downhill brakes. Tool-free reach adjustments, extra grip in wet conditions, and the ability to customize without replacing the whole lever make this kit a must-have for riders of all levels. Get ready to take your riding to the next level!


The Inside Line:
Take your Cura brakes tot he next level with the ability to adjust the levers feel and braking power. The Best just got better!


  • Two piece lever design
  • FCS - Feeling Control System
  • TRFA - Tool Free Reach Adjustment
  • Perforated lever to improve feel and grip

**Sold Individually / Per side**


  • Cura, Cura X, & Cura 4
    **This lever is compatible with the Cura, Cura 4 and Cura X braking systems, although it is more suitable for the Cura 4


    • Fully forged & Anodized
    • Lever blade - Forged Aluminium

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