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Formula Monolithic brake disc - Center-lock

Formula Monolithic brake disc - Center-lock

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After more than three years of development formula have arrived at a design that combines the best of all the "must have" features in a disc: extreme lateral stiffness that guarantees impact resistance by protecting the disk from unwanted damage; reduced unwanted noise caused by friction; a special anti-noise design which reduces the risk of resonance and vibrations; reduced pad wear.

The Inside Line:
These rotors are incredible, your can feel how robust they are the moment you pick them up. With the trade mark formula quality finish and etching these are a fantastic option for all brakes


  • Increased lateral stiffness
  • Anti noise design
  • Optimised rotor profile to further reduce noise
  • Reduced pad wear


  • 160mm (151g)
  • 180mm (190g)
  • 203mm (224g)
  • 220mm (240g)

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