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Formula Neopos Kit - 3pk

Formula Neopos Kit - 3pk

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Change your riding experience with a cutting-edge innovation. Neopos stands for “new positive” and represents the next evolutionary step in air suspension. A technology that improves the behavior of the fork’s positive air chamber, which will allow your air fork to reach a level of comfort, response and predictability unimaginable before this time.

Not simply a volume spacer, rather, the Neopos completely changes the concept of a volume spacer. It is now possible to make the air fork’s progression curve more linear, thus avoiding the excessive progressivity given by the traditional volume spacers without giving up the much-needed support in the middle of the travel. With the Neopos you get all the support of a traditional volume spacer halfway through the travel, but without the abrupt ramp in the final part of the compression curve. The progression curve will always remain gradual, allowing you to use all the available travel of your fork.

The Inside Line:
The perfect accompaniment to your formula forks to fine tune the performance and feel. 


  • compatible with 33 & 35mm stanchion formula forks
  • a maximum of 3 Neopos can be used (regardless of fork travel)

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