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Granite Design Aux Carbon Bottle Cage - Matte Black

Granite Design Aux Carbon Bottle Cage - Matte Black

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Granite Aux Carbon Bottle Cage is a light weight side loading bottle cage. Made from carbon fibre, and reinforced with thermoplastics ensures it's strong enough for off road riding while keeping the weight low. 

Side-loading makes this ideal for the modern day compact frames with limited space. 


The Inside Line:
Whether it's a long ride, an XC race, or you're hitting the enduro circuit, we all need hydration. This bottle cage is light weight and keeps a solid grip of your bottle regardless how steep and rowdy the terrain gets.


  • Side-loading design = perfect for tight spaces and compact frames
  • weight 23 grams
  • finished in a Matte black


  • Length - 145mm
  • Width - 78.5mm
  • Weight - 23gr


  • tough-but-light carbon fibre reinforced with thermoplastics
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