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Granite Design Portaledge bottle cage mount- Black

Granite Design Portaledge bottle cage mount- Black

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Love the minimalist look of an enduro strap, but don't want to wrap it round your frame? The Granite design Portaledge bottle mount is your solution. Fixing to your existing bottle mount, the portaledge is asolid base for the included strap to stash away those on trail essentials.

Get it off your back and onto your frame! With a Granite Design strap mount solution. The inner hook & loop strap keeps your spares tight and compact, while the protective grip patch protects your frame whilst keeping your spares in place

**See video's in images for how to pack your strap**

The Inside Line:
Designed for those who are all about aesthetics! This is innovative way to add a storage option to carry your tube, c02 and multitool without wrapping a strap around your frame 


  • Weighing in at just 35 grams
  • room for a tube, C02, and tyre levers
  • Durable Polypropylene strap included2
  • Protective grip patch
  • Strong hook and loop for securing 


  • Length - 83mm
  • Width - 52mm
  • Weight - 35g


  • 6061 alloy plate
  • 30mm silicone-coated hook & loop strap
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