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Granite Design Juicy Tubeless Valves - 44mm

Granite Design Juicy Tubeless Valves - 44mm

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Bring your cycling game to the next level with Granite Juicy Tubeless Valves! With their JUICY NIPPLE, setup and repairs are a breeze, no more stressing out. Replace your boring valve caps with something fun and coloured to match and personalise your bike, whilst adding functionality through a valve core remover to your valve caps.

Available in 8 Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Gold, & Oil Slick.

The Inside Line:
A small splash of colour is enough to let those around you know that your bike is more than just an off the shelf rig and you, you are a person of supreme style and taste. 


  • Easy to use, always-ready valve core remover that doubles as a dust cap for Presta valves.
  • No more hassle inflating tyres or topping up sealant on your tubeless MTB.
  • Precision engineered with 6061 alloy for high strength and low weight.
  • Juicy Nipple Valve Cap keeps your tire valve core protected from mud, dirt and rain water, covers your valves to prevent damage to the Presta valve core.
  • 8 Colours: Ensured to match your ride!
  • Weight: 10g (pair of caps with 44mm valves)

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