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Jagwire Wire Hook - Cable Organiser

Jagwire Wire Hook - Cable Organiser

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You love a clean looking cockpit, heck we all do! (despite what you tell your riding buddies) Jagwire Wire Hooks provide a simple solution to join your shift, dropper, or E-Bike control wire to your brake hoses. This gives that clean cockpit we all secretly love. 

So satisfy your inner OCD and tidy that cockpit up!

The Inside Line:
If you like a clean cockpit, this solution is for you. keep your cables from either side of the handlebars routed together for that professional neat look!


  • Qty:4 per pack
  • Connects 4mm shift housing, dropper housing, or E-bike control wire to 5mm brake housing or hydraulic hose.
  • Prevents cables rattling in front of the handlebars
  • simplistic neat solution for any bike.


  • Package includes Qty:4 pieces
  • Fits brake (5.0mm) and shift (4.0mm) housing

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