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Peaty's LinkLube - All Weather

Peaty's LinkLube - All Weather

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Unlock extreme speed with Peaty's LinkLube - All Weather! This minty fresh, triple distilled formula penetrates deep into your chain, driving out dirt and grime for a supercharged ride every time. Plus, it replaces the mess with Peaty's secret sauce of oils and waxes to lubricate and protect. Race ahead with confidence - LinkLube is your all-weather ticket to winning!

The Inside Line:
A must have in the arsenal for when the conditions could turn or when you know your adventure could involve anything


  • Triple distilled, ultra-high-speed and minty fresh chain oil for use in all conditions
  • Unique ‘shake-to-awake’ two-part formula penetrates and cleans deep inside your chain, driving out moisture, grit and grime and replacing them with a proprietary blend of oils and waxes
  • Clear tip to the applicator cap so lubricant can be seen filling the chamber just before it drips out
  • Rounded tip to the applicator cap rolls easily over the chain when applying
  • Unique tall and slim bottle is shaped to fit like a pen in your hand to make application easy


  • 120ml Bottle

Science Yo!
When LinkLube is first used on a used (but seemingly clean) drivetrain, the chain may go black pretty quick. Uh oh, don’t panic! This is actually the LinkLube pushing out grime that has been hiding away inside your rollers.
Simply keep degreasing and re-applying and, over a few rides, your chain will eventually run truly clean once again!

1. fully degrease drivetrain before applying fresh lube to ensure THERE IS NO OLD CHAIN OIL PRESENT. For best results, use our Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser or XXX Solvent Degreaser to remove stubborn FACTORY greases IN THE CASE OF BRAND NEW CHAINS.
2. Ensure you thoroughly rinse your chain with clean water after degreasing (degreaser is designed to eat chain oil after all)
3. Remove as much water as you can from the chain. For best results, use PT17
4. Give the bottle a good shake to evenly distribute the secret sauce
5. Apply the lube while cycling the chain backwards (eBikes will need to be pedalled forwards in a stand) ensuring every link is adequately covered
6. Keep cycling the chain for 10seconds or so to help the lube work its way into your chain
7. Thoroughly wipe away all excess lube from your chain using a clean cloth (excess oil on the outside of the chain will attract dust in dry conditions).
• For wet weather conditions, leave a small amount of lube on the outside of the chain for longer-lasting protection.
• On first use with pre-used chains, you may find that your chain turns black - this is the LinkLube driving out grime from deep in your chain. Just keep riding, degreasing, lubing and repeating until your chain runs shiny clean once more!
Do not get LinkLube (or any lube for that matter!) on your brakes or brake pads.

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