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Peaty's LinkLube - Wet Conditions

Peaty's LinkLube - Wet Conditions

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LinkLube Dry is a readily biodegradable, wax-based chain lube for use in desert dry and dusty, to mildly moist conditions. The unique formula uses a blend of waxes suspended in a water-based emulsion to give you a long-lasting, clean-running, quiet chain.

The Inside Line:
A must have in the arsenal for when the weather turns dusty and dry. 


  • Wax based formulation lasts longer in dry, dusty conditions as it
    does not attract dirt
  • Blue indicator dye easily shows when lube is dry and ready to ride
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Up to ~300km / 190miles per application (depending on conditions)
  • Rounded tip to the applicator cap rolls easily over the chain when
  • Unique tall and slim bottle is shaped to fit like a pen in your hand to
    make application easy


  • 120ml Bottle

All Weather 'VS' Dry..... what's the difference?
Linklube All Weather Is Our One-Stop Chain Lube For Most Weather Conditions. While The Base Carrier Fluid We Use Has Fast Penetrating, Chain Cleaning Properties, It Will Never Become Fully Dry To The Touch. This Can Lead To Unwanted Dust Attraction In The Driest, Dustiest Conditions, So A More Bespoke Dry Lube Is Required.

Why Water? Why Wax?
Wax Is The Best Lubricant For Dry Conditions Because, When Applied Correctly, It Will Fill Your Links And Rollers With A Hard, Slippery Coating, Which Will Last For Ages On The Trails And Is Dry To The Touch - So Dry Dirt And Dust Will Not Stick To It.

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