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Peaty's Suspension Assembly Grease

Peaty's Suspension Assembly Grease

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A lithium-free grease specifically developed for use in suspension forks, rear shocks and dropper seatposts.

Non-toxic, transparent, clean-running and highly resistant to water washout, Peaty's grease has added corrosion inhibitors and is compatible with all elastomers, o-rings, seals and oil baths.

The Inside Line:
The first go to when your dropper post is feeling "sticky". apply a small amount under the dropper post collar for it to continue lubricating properly.


  • For suspension forks, rear shocks & dropper posts
  • Controlled shear thinning for consistent plush performance
  • Non-migratory so stays where you put it!
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% pcr & pir recycled packaging
  • M15 threaded cap
  • Capacity: 75g


  • 75g Tube.
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