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Red Side MTB BleedPro brake bleed syringe holder kit

Red Side MTB BleedPro brake bleed syringe holder kit

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Simplify Bike Maintenance with the Redside Hydraulic Brake Bleed Assist Tool.

Upgrade your bike maintenance routine with this innovative hydraulic brake bleed assist tool. Designed for both mountain and road bike enthusiasts, it streamlines the brake bleeding process for quick and efficient maintenance. The robust syringe holder attaches effortlessly to your bike for a stable platform.

The Inside Line:
Stop fumbling and fussing about while you bleed your brakes, this kit is as good as having a third hand, and a MUST have in the tool kit!!!


  • 1x mount to suit handlebars or rear caliper
  • 1x mount to suit fork or rear caliper
  • Be able to setup your bleed syringes and walk away mid bleed
  • Stable Support - dependable hold for your brake bleed syringes.
  • Versatile fit - Easily adjustable to fit various brake models and bleed kits
  • Durable material - This will withstand the rigours of your maintenance schedule


  • 2x mount kit allows for bleeding in almost an infinite number of brake combos, bleed combos, and frame configurations. 


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