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Shred Ultraseal Tubeless Sealant - 1Ltr

Shred Ultraseal Tubeless Sealant - 1Ltr

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Introducing the Shred Ultraseal Tubeless Sealant, the hometown hero for riders around Australia! Squeeze a shot of this Aussie-made sealant in your tyres and you're ready to ride within minutes! Formulated to seal various sized punctures, it's compatible with all tubeless tyre systems. Now it's easy to get back on the trail with a little help from down under.

The Inside Line:
Finally an Aussie made product that holds its own with the bigger brands. Ride hard, No Flats!


  • Hassle-Free Riding
  • Stops Punctures
  • Rapid Sealing


  • 1Ltr Bottle.



Step 1: Shake the bottle well.

Step 2 : Position the wheel with the valve at 6 o'clock and unscrew the valve core.

Step 3: If using the filler tube, connect it to the valve and squeeze 125ml of Ultraseal into the tyre. If not using filler tube, pour 125ml of Ultraseal directly into the tyre before beading tyre onto the rim.

Step 4: Reinstall the valve core and inflate the tyre.

Step 5: Get a good coating of Ultraseal on the inside of the tyre by Spinning and shaking the wheel.

Step 6: Ride Your Bike, Have Fun!

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