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Spank 350 Rim - 27.5"

Spank 350 Rim - 27.5"

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Introducing the Spank 350 Rim - this low-profile rim is as flexible as it is tough, with a 30.5mm internal width that handles tires from 2.0" to 2.6" like a champ! Get ready to enjoy optimal stiffness and a silky smooth ride like you wouldn't believe! Hop aboard and spank the competition. (Woohoo!)

The Inside Line:
With a smaller profile height than the Spank 359, these rims will offer improved compliance and are better suited to the trail/enduro riders where all out rim strength isn't the priority. 


  • Unique profile with low sectional height & wide width adds radial compliance & lateral stiffness
  • Improved radial compliance for better traction over bumps & chatter while reducing negative feedback to the rider gives enhanced performance & comfort
  • 30.5mm internal width is versatile fitting tires from 2.0” to 2.6” and allows plus size tire use without negative squaring off of tire profiles
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: ASTM 4, All mountain, trail, enduro
  • RIDER TYPE: MEDIUM TO LIGHT RIDER: Medium to Light Impact


  • Hole Count: 28 /32
  • Diameter: 27.5"/ 29"
  • Weight: 500g / 535g
  • Internal Width: 30.5mm
  • External Width: 35mm
  • Profile Height: 17mm

       What is Vibrocore?
      Vibrocore™ inner well, reduces the transmission of harmful vibration frequencies, meaning less vibration for the suspension and rider, also increasing the fatigue life of the rim.

      click the below link to watch how indestructible these are, even when intentionally trying to break them.

      Looking for a complete wheel, or customer wheel build? reach to our team to discuss options to match your bike and riding style.  

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