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Spank Single Speed DJ Rear freehub Cog

Spank Single Speed DJ Rear freehub Cog

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The Spank Single Speed DJ Rear Cog enhances your single speed experience with a robust steel 1-pcs Cog and 3 bearing design for smooth and reliable performance in the most demanding of conditions. Optimise your DJ hub gearing and make the most of your single speed riding.

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The Inside Line:
designed specifically for the spank Singlespeed DJ hub, this single piece fully integrated freehub body allows fast and easy fine tuning of rear cog sizes


  • Compatibility: SS-DJ Rear Hub 
  • Steel 1-pcs Single-speed Cog for SS-DJ Rear Hub
  • 3 bearing freehub body design
  • Weight 11t-120g, 12t-125g, 13t-132g


    • steel
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