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Tannus Armour - For Tubes

Tannus Armour - For Tubes

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"Experience the ultimate in tire protection and performance with Tannus Armour! Get 15mm of puncture protection and 2mm of sidewall protection for a smoother, more enjoyable ride. Perfect for all styles of riding, from city biking to off-road adventures. Say goodbye to sharp objects and rocks!"

The Inside Line:
more than a piece of foam that adds unsprung mass to your bike, ride the insert that is proven to roll faster!


  • 3% Faster than standard tubeless (Data Proven)
  • Flexible "Wings" for smoother ride quality
  • Additional puncture protection
  • "shock absorption" with 20mm of rim protection
  • 29" - 320g approx.
  • 27.5" - 310g approx.
  • Easy Installation (5 Minutes, No tools required)


  • 29" x 1.9-2.5"
  • 27.5" x 1.9-2.5"


  • made from a unique Aither closed-cell polymer resin


Tested: 9 of the Best Tire Inserts vs An Impact Rig

"Each brand championing its product as the one true insert that will give you more grip, more stability and better protection compared to either a standard tubeless system or indeed anything else on the market but how true are these claims? And is there any way that they can be tested in a controlled setting?"

Tannus Armour Tubeless Inserts

"Not all tyre liners are created equal, and the Tannus Armour Tubeless tyre inserts are well-priced, light, easy to fit, and improve your ride."

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