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Spank Spoon 32 Wheels - 26"

Spank Spoon 32 Wheels - 26"

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The Spank Spoon 32 Wheels are designed as a bombproof DJ, Freeride, and downhill wheel. Built with a 32H J-hook configuration and reinforced with a 3-cross spoke pattern, these wheels are highly durable. Featuring a corrugated rim center, the rim is able to achieve a wider width without adding material and is more rigid. Plus, with a matte finish, these wheels benefit from increased fatigue life and overall durability.

10/135 bolt up - for single speed freedhub kits, click here
12/142 - for freehub body kits, click here

The Inside Line:
The Spank spoon 32 isa go to wheel and rim for the DJ industry for a reason! if your building a DJ, why would you settle for second best?


  • Rim Diameter: 26"
  • Spoke Count: 32 
  • Spank Hex Hubs - single speed & conventional freehub body options
  • IS 6 Bolt Disc Mount
  • Rim Inner Width: 26.5mm
  • Rim External Width 32mm
  • Profile Height: 24mm
  • Stainless steel triple-butted spokes
  • Brass Nipples
  • 12/142 option also includes adapter for 12/135


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