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Formula Selva R - 29"

Formula Selva R - 29"

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Selva R represents the “state-of-the-art” of custom tuning for MTB forks. The 2Air technology allows a very precise tuning of the air side. Thanks to the two separate air chambers, you can set the pressure of the positive chamber (Silver) according to weight, like any traditional forks, in addition to that you can also change the pressure of the negative chamber (Bronze) in order to fine-tune the response of the fork in the first part of the travel. To find out more, Click Here

With the CTS Technology the possibilities of customizing the damping are potentially infinite. With the Selva R you get two CTS valves, Gold (installed) and Blue (in the box). To find out more, Click Here

Thanks to the Neopos (one is already included into the Selva R) the air spring is further refined, a riding experience that’s not possible to achieve with a traditional air fork. To find out more, Click here

Selva R creates a tuning potential that has been unachievable until now. Every single parameter of the Selva R can be modified according to your own specific needs. There is no setting you cannot reach. Your riding style is already built into the fork, it’s up to you to unlock it.

The Inside Line:
Perfect for the rider wanting a fork with that next level of adjustability. Adjustable travel, air spring characteristics, and dampening far beyond just compression and rebound clicks!


  • Travel:
    • Standard 140-160mm (Internally Adjustable)
      120-130mm Optional
    • Extended 170-180mm (Internally Adjustable)
  • 29" 
  • Offset 43mm
  • Rebound - 21 Click Adjustment
  • Compression - High & Low speed 12 Click adjustment
  • Compression tuning - Gold & Blue valves included
  • Tapered steerer tube
  • 15x110mm or 20x110 boost spacing
  • 220mm max rotor size
  • 35mm Stanchions
  • Weight - 1940g (approx.)


  • Formula Shock pump
  • Travel adjustment spacers
  • Formula FX oil 
  • specialised tooling
  • replacement stickers



Formula Selva R features 2Air technology allowing for an adjustable air pressure in both the positive and negative chambers, allowing riders to customize their fork based on their weight and riding style. Enjoy riding with the confidence of an expert-level suspension setup.

Neopos technology, the next breakthrough in air suspension. Neopos improves the positive air chamber to provide constant, predictable, and comfortable suspension - like that of a coil spring suspension. Enjoy a better riding experience with the Formula Selva S. To find out more, Click Here

With the CTS system, bikers can select from 8 different behaviour settings to find the best configuration for their fork in the shortest amount of time. Enjoy the freedom to tune your fork in a matter of minutes in the comfort of your own workshop. To find out more, Click Here

The Formula Selva S forks feature a revolutionary Internal Floating Technology (IFT) that reduces friction and improves suspension performance. IFT works by structurally merging the hydraulic cartridge with the stanchions and lower legs, allowing the internals to compensate for external stress while riding. Enjoy a smoother ride with Formula Selva S.

ILS (Integrated Locking System), designed to provide increased security and convenience and making wheel removal easy. This system prevents over-tightening of the front axle and is easily removable with no effect on functionality. The ILS is ideal for rear axles that require a tool to remove.


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